” Amongst all things intact being the Chief Business Officer of Samarth Group of Companies allows me to have a great control of constantly evolving processes and portfolios. Be it enhancement of Quality Control or initiating the rollout of new products and services, implementation of goals have become an ever changing and a continuous process. Executing all the planned strategies therefore depends more than ever on rapid and effective decision making, allowing us to expand our firm in all possible horizons and verticals. “

Mr. Atul Suri
Chief Business Officer, Samarth Safety

” Samarth Group has remained committed to steady implementation of management strategies, to increase corporate value and to fulfill social responsibilities. Being a business leader for over a decade now, we know what it takes to transform businesses with powerful analytical skills. Samarth Group has been proactively working to solve the challenges of the future and has directed Clients towards their Sustainable Development Goals. As an organization, we are committed to bring together the willingness of our team to take on challenges and produce Great Outcomes from them. “

 Mrs. Seema Suri
 COO, Samarth Safety

” For over 17 years Samarth Group has been committed to excellence and quality. Our Work Policies and Ethics are designed in a way to overcome the changes in business dynamics. Our organizational culture cultivates passionate and talented problem-solvers. Samarth Group is focused on delivering performance with industry leading teamwork and responsiveness to our clients, with an aim to provide the most effective and efficient End to End Business Solutions. “


Mr. Samarth Suri
CEO, Samarth Safety