Fire Risk Assessment

Our team of experts at Samarth Safety has adopted the methodology of identifying the fire risks at the workplace as outlined by the regulating authorities of India. After identifying the risks, their evaluation and assessment have been carried out based on two criteria, i.e., frequency of occurrence of unwanted event or situations and the harm or extent of damage that unwanted events would cause that were to occur.

It may be noted that physical conditions that existed during the site visit were the basis for assessment. Due weightage was given to the existence of hardware systems like fire resistant construction, good electrical systems, fire protection equipment,etc.The practices followed in the premises with regard to safety.

Our methodological analysis of fire risk assessments is conducted with the following aims:

  • To carry out a systematic and critical evaluation of Fire Safety of the occupancy.
  • To suggest recommendations to improve the fire safety standards.

Fire Risk Assessment by our experts will be:

  • Identifying potential fire/explosion hazards/risks in the process and storage areas of the premises and suggesting appropriate preventive measures.
  • Reviewing the existing fire protection systems and suggest modifications wherever necessary as per applicable national and international standards.
  • Identify deviations with respect to fire safety procedures and suggest an action plan to correct deviations.
  • Advising further scope on compliance with statutory requirements related to fire safety & explosions.
  • Providing guidelines for the preparation of fire emergency and formation of a team for firefighting, first aid, rescue teams, and allocating specific responsibilities. Reviewing the existing On-site emergency plans with respect to Fire risk wherever such programs are available.
  • Evaluating the existing maintenance checklist of all fire protection systems. Even new maintenance of index provided based on the occupancy.
  • Providing graphical interpretation of the ranking using risk radar.