Construction Safety Audit

Our Construction Safety Audit protocol:

The Unique Score Assessment tool protocol evaluates how effectively your risks are identified, and controls are being implemented in a construction site. It can be used for single or multiple locations to bench-mark your systems and help you make the optimum use of your resources.

Our exclusive features of Construction Safety Audit Protocol includes:

  • Audit checklist
  • Scorecard
  • Recommendations
  • Management dashboard
  • Executive Summary
  • Action for Agenda

It is a scored assessment tool to evaluate the performance of a Construction safety system. It is composed of the audit checklist and scorecard, which are used to assess the effectiveness and maturity level of the company’s occupational safety and health management system.

The audit checklist is derived from audit questionnaires from numerous codes and standards. It provides auditors with the convenience of using this one checklist to fulfill the primary function of assessing the company’s system, as well as to audit for regulatory compliance for construction worksites against relevant national acts & rules.

Our Reports: Insights with assurance!

  • Provides risk reporting for the board – to understand strategic business risks
  • Reflect what the management needs to know – charts, heat-maps, analytics, dashboards & bench-marking
  • Guides the operational management to know the gaps & make action plans
  • Best in class services.
  • Codes and Standards
  • Applicable country-specific legal requirements for Construction Industry
  • Relevant national and international standards applicable to the construction Industry (like BIS standards in India)
  • Good International Industry Practices (GIIP) for Construction Safety and practices followed in world-class construction sites

Our detailed and structured coverage as per the quality of Samarth Safety would serve:

  • Safety management system
  • Leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation, improvement
  • Legal requirements
  • Safety at workplace Construction Activities (selected based on relevance to a particular

    • Construction site hazards
    • Access, housekeeping, Illumination, noise, hazardous substance
    • Permit to work, hazardous energy control
    • Work at height, including Roof work
    • Excavations, shafts, earthwork, underground work & tunnel
    • Demolitions
    • Blasting & explosives
    • Work over water
    • Pile driving
    • Cofferdams, caissons, & work in compressed air
    • Structural frame, welding, cutting, framework & concrete work
    • Manual handling & storage
    • Hand-arm vibration
    • Confined space activities
  • Plant, Machinery, Lifting appliances, Scaffolds & Ladders
  • Fleet safety – traffic & vehicles, vehicular movements
  • PPE & life-saving equipment
  • Electrical safety
  • Occupational health, first aid & welfare
  • Fire and emergencies
  • Protecting the public