Fire Safety Audits

The fire safety audits are conducted by experienced Fire Safety Auditors against our proprietary’s scored assessment protocol which has been developed based on National legal requirements, review of fire safety policy statement, evaluating the competency levels for those with specific fire safety roles, National & international codes and standards of fire and life safety and Good Industry Practices (GIP)

Our aim is to provide Fire Risk Management Protocol, customized for industry sectors like general manufacturing, mining, metal, oil & gas, hospitals, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, etc checking the availability and working of fire detection and alarm systems like a smoke detector, heat detector, manual call point, and firefighting equipment & fixed installations like fire extinguisher, sprinkler systems, internal and external hydrant system, fire pump room, etc. We are a leading third-party external body, conducting independent Fire Safety Audit in India without commercial bias.

Our auditing methodology includes pre-audit preparation, Onsite visit, interviews, walk-in, task observation, onsite mock drills, discussion, review of documents, records, tests, reports with observations, findings, and recommendations along with review of the status after a specified time period.

This audit is applicable to a wide range of organizations irrespective of size, sector, structure or geography. However, it is more ideal for an organization wishing to formalize their fire risk management system and demonstrate compliance with fire safety regulations.

Fire Safety Audit Reports generally include an introduction, statutory compliance status, findings and observations, to-dos’ & recommendations, and photo gallery.

The Audit Report generally also contains Fire & Life Safety risk prioritization and maturity scoring in a statistical dashboard.

We have expertise in carrying out audits in the sectors like Warehouses, Luxury Malls, Commercial and residential buildings, Food Industry, Data Centers, Hospitals, Oil & Gas, Educational institutes including schools, colleges, coaching classes, universities, and fitness centers.