Workplace Safety GAP Assessment

Our team at Samarth safety helps you to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of existing management systems and find the gaps with respect to recommendations as per the relevant standards of the authorities and best international standard practices in accordance with the management system.

Furthermore, we report the findings in terms of strength and opportunities for improvement with the recommended improvement framework. We help you Prepare a roadmap through a systematic approach to overcome the gaps as observed in the Gap Analysis phase.

We assist you with services that include:

  • Employees Participation
  • Facility Design, Construction & Pre-Startup Safety Review
  • Process Safety information
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Third-Party Services
  • Personnel Safety
  • Control of Defeat and reliability of critical system and devices
  • Work permit system
  • Operation & Maintenance System
  • Inspection & Maintenance
  • Management of Change
  • Training
  • Incident Investigation and Analysis
  • Occupational Health
  • Environment Management
  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • Compliance Audit

Our GAP analysis process will provide you:

Facility Walkthrough
Our Safety Resources will team with your facility management and/or safety director to identify areas of need and to facilitate an open discussion on the current hazard trends present on-site. We will document both positive and negative observations, covering the spectrum of applicable regulations. The facility walkthrough is an important step to ascertain whether the program set in place is working or if additional items, training, etc. need to be accomplished.

Documentation Review
Our consultant(s) will review your safety program, training records, incident reports, Safe Operating Procedures, Energy Control Procedures, permitting systems, orientation training, employee safety handbook, etc., for accuracy, completion, and provide recommendations for improvement, as well as identify what’s missing.

Report of Findings
Safety Resources will develop and disseminate a complete analysis of our findings during the walkthrough process and documentation review. This report will identify the overall “blueprint” for corporate safety initiatives as well as identify specific hazards and abatement activities to be complete to achieve compliance and to eliminate risks. This professional report will be delivered within a week of the initial assessment and will serve as a key deliverable for your organization.

On-going Safety Support
Safety Resources, upon completion of the Report of Findings, will be available for on-going assistance and consulting via our toll-free hotline (included) or additional service agreement(s) for consulting services. We take pride in our work and encourage on-going questions as they arise through your corporate implementation of recommendations.

Our prevention consultant will perform an assessment of your workplace’s safety and health management system. We provide you with –

  • a review of your workplace policies, procedures, manuals, and other safety-related material
  • observation of workers work activities
  • an assessment of your workplace’s safety culture
  • A final report of findings and recommendations.