Statutory Safety Audit

We at Samarth Safety carefully carry out audits in compliance with the Indian legislation, subject to all the rules and regulations, domestic laws, and in accordance with the statutes such as Factory Act, State Factory Rules, and all other standards applied across industries at various levels.

Our team of experts also precisely evaluate and undergo as per the provisions and standards required under international norms. Our evaluation helps our clients’ business meet all the necessary statutory safety requirements as set by the regulating authorities.

Statutory safety audits are inherent for the purpose of your production, manufacturing, and all the construction-related projects. Our dedicated group of members carefully evaluates and implements every single rule and regulation to serve you with utmost precision and guarantee you the best safety standards.

We undergo thorough investigation and adequate research before conducting the compliance for the respective analysis for in-depth audits.

The statutory safety audit involves a proper channel of communication with the staff in charge, followed by institutional visits to deliver a detailed audit report containing:

  • A comprehensive report is containing various statutes that are subject to your individual institution/business.
  • Personalized recommendations based aptly for your statutory compliance and needs.
  • Management presentation highlighting the ultimate findings.