General Safety Audits

Our Safety audits and safety inspections are performed for various reasons. Each company will have its own specific list of reasons for completing a safety audit and we are here to cater to your specific needs and to troubleshoot the problems especially to your requirements.

Whatever may be the reasons for incidents, but one thing is sure that until and unless there is a behavior-based safety audit, nothing could be changed proactively. Given the important role audit plays in restoring every aspect of workplace safety, our company provides auditing services in compliance with your specific audit requirements in the areas of construction, fire, process safety, and lifting equipment. We have professionals having hands-on experience in conducting a safety audit across the industries. Auditing services are being rendered to the relevant organizations in the following areas:

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  • Fire Safety audit
  • Electrical Safety audit
  • Occupational health and safety audit
  • Process safety Management audit

The following are just a few of the most common domains of the services we keep an eye on:
Legislative Requirements – There are many national or domestic laws in place that require facilities to meet certain safety standards. A safety audit can help ensure those standards are met.

Safety Concern – Keeping employees and the workplace safe is ethically very important.

Injuries – If someone has been injured in a specific area of the workplace, it is often necessary to perform a safety audit of that area to determine whether the injury was a one-time occurrence or there is a risk of it happening to someone else.

Bottom Line – While safety improvement in the workplace is often looked at as expenditure, in the long run, it can positively improve a company’s bottom line.

Safety Culture – Employers that want to promote a safety-focused culture need to set the tone by engaging in safety-related activities such as a safety audit.

Our team of experts would assist you at every step with:

  • Employees will understand the importance of safety
  • Management would able to reinforce personal safety through good behavior based practice
  • Compliance of rules and regulations
  • All procedures and controls are in place
  • Accidents won’t happen at all or reduce in number of incidences