WASH Audit

SAMARTH safety is authorized for conducting Assessment on WASH – Workplace Assessment for Safety and Hygiene.

We provide our clients WASH assessment prior to starting up their operations under various situations, including COVID 19 pandemic outbreak, and have a status quo check on the conformance to the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Home Affairs or other government bodies (local, state, and national) or industry-specific guidelines and ensure safe operations and workplace by safeguarding health and safety of employees, customers, suppliers, all stake-holders and public in general including people with a disability, older people, women, and children.

Our methodology in it is to evaluate the level of accessibility and safety of existing water and/or sanitation facility and its surroundings and to identify possible changes or improvements. The audit identifies simple changes to facilities and their surroundings that can improve their usability for a wide range of users, thus avoiding the need for separate ‘special’ provisions. The audit is a way for stake-holders to consider any risks to safety from using the facilities and to consider if anything can be done to reduce the risks. WASH standard is applicable for every Organization / Industry / Business (manufacturing, services, trade, etc.).

Our objectives of the WASH standard is to provide a holistic report to the client on the preparedness and processes established with regard to Hygiene and Safety, especially to Covid 19 pandemic situation, and ensure in the larger interest of the society that compliance is set with regarding requirements stipulated as applicable by Ministry of Home Affairs or relevant local or state or national body so that to prevent further spreading of the uncontrolled situations.

WASH Scheme is processed through the following steps,

  • self-assessment checklist and updating status with regard to requirements specified.
  • Plan for on-site (or remote assessment in certain cases) assessment, considering the situation and the operational issues.
  • Conduct on-site/remote evaluation as per the criteria (under the relevant authorities) and provide the WASH assessment report to the client.