Our special electrostatic consulting services are designed to help our clients understand, assess, and control fire and explosion hazards as well as any processing problems that might result from the generation and accumulation of electrostatic charge in their processes.

Samarth safety offers you several services, including:

  • Specialist consulting and on-site electrostatic measurements
  • Laboratory testing, including full-scale testing of FIBCs
  • Incident investigation
  • Expert witness
  • Contract research & development

Also, we will help you with harnessing the Static electricity for many beneficial uses in a wide array of processes. In fact, there is enormous potential for commercial development in your business.

Samarth Safety has extensive experience in helping our clients design full-scale process equipment, undertake research & development programs, and more. We have been involved in various projects, including:

  • Fine Coatings
  • Liquid Atomization
  • Dust Removal
  • Powder Manipulation
  • Materials Separation
  • Powder Deposition

Industries that require our electrostatic hazard consulting services include:

  • Automotive & Aviation
  • Chemicals (e.g., fine, bulk, etc.)
  • Coal/Mining
  • Electronics
  • Energy & Power
  • Engineering
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Flavor & Fragrance
  • Food & Beverage
  • Government Agencies
  • Metals & Machining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Wood

Our team provides you protection from electrostatics includes using:

  • Static-safe workstations
  • Antistatic strong wrist straps
  • Static-control garments
  • Conductive or dissipative floor materials and footwear
  • Antistatic paints
  • Humidity control and air ionizers
  • Static-protective bags
  • Measuring tools, such as voltmeters and field meters, to monitor static charge levels
  • Barcode readers for automated monitoring of devices and events

We have a long and glorious track record of identifying, assessing, and controlling electrostatic hazards in a wide spectrum of industrial processes and situations, including liquid and powder handling/processing, rigid and flexible containers for liquids and powders, sheets and liners, material separation and recycling, powder accumulation and many more.