We at Samarth safety provide you with a definite plan to deal with major emergencies is an important element of our service. Besides the major benefit of providing guidance during an emergency, developing the plan has other advantages. We help you to discover unrecognized hazardous conditions that would aggravate an emergency situation, and we make sure we are prepared to avoid or eliminate them. The planning process may bring to light deficiencies, such as the lack of resources (equipment, trained personnel, supplies), or items that can be corrected before an emergency occurs. In addition, an emergency plan promotes safety awareness and shows the organization’s commitment to the safety of workers.

The lack of an emergency plan could lead to severe losses such as multiple casualties and possible financial collapse of the organization. Since emergencies will occur if the situation gets into it, that preplanning is necessary. An urgent need for rapid decisions, shortage of time, and lack of resources and trained personnel can lead to chaos during an emergency. Time and circumstances in an emergency mean that normal channels of authority and communication cannot be relied upon to function routinely. The stress of the situation can lead to poor judgment resulting in severe losses. A well thought out, well-organized emergency response plan will help to eliminate these issues. We assist you in generating an emergency plan that specifies procedures for handling sudden or unexpected situations.

The objective is to be prepared to:

  • Prevent fatalities and injuries.
  • Reduce damage to buildings, stock, and equipment.
  • Protect the environment and the community.
  • Accelerate the resumption of normal operations.

With the development of this personalized systematic plan, we can have an appropriate process for all the vulnerability assessment. The results of the study will show:

  • How likely is a situation to occur?
  • What means are available to stop or prevent the situation?
  • What is necessary for a given situation?
  • From this analysis, appropriate emergency procedures can be established.

We shall also suggest you where appropriate other organizations should also be consulted, especially when your organization’s plan involves using outside resources, such as fire, police, or ambulance. In some situations, one organization may develop shared response teams with neighboring organizations.

In all situations, communication, training, and periodic drills will help make sure the plan is executed well. In some cases, other authorities may have jurisdiction, such as if a serious injury or fatality occurred. We help your organization should establish, implement, and maintain a procedure to coordinate managing incidents with authority having jurisdiction.

Many factors will determine what procedures are needed in an emergency, such as:

  • Nature of emergency.
  • Degree of emergency.
  • Size of the organization.
  • Capabilities of the organization in an emergency situation
  • The immediacy of outside aid.
  • The physical layout of the premises

And we at Samarth Safety will ensure that all the elements get fulfilled in its best possible manner.