Short Circuit Study

In order to provide you with best in class services, we help you understand the importance of short circuit study, our team of experts identify the following common problems:

  • Our detailed approach for Short circuit study is used to determine the available fault current or short circuit current at each point in the system and help you prepare accordingly.
  • Based on our analysis, our power system engineers can efficiently determine the required interrupting capacity of the circuit breakers which form the basis for designing a personalized and proper relaying system.
  • Our Short Circuit Analysis will help to ensure that personnel and equipment are protected by establishing proper interrupting ratings of protective devices (circuit breaker and fuses).
  • The results obtained from short circuit studies are used in predicting the incident energy levels for your units and completing a detailed protective device coordination study specially to suit your requirements.

At Samarth safety, our goal is to intrude the fault current as early as possible and this can only be achieved with the help of Protective device settings.

Conducting a short circuit analysis will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Helps avoid unplanned outages and downtime
  • Is critical for avoiding interruptions of essential services
  • Reduces the risk of equipment damage and fires
  • Increases safety and protects people from injuries
  • Determines the level and type of protective devices that are needed
  • Provides the information needed for required important labels
  • Keeps you in compliance with necessary requirements 
  • Reduces the risk a facility could face and help avoid catastrophic losses
  • Increases the safety and reliability of the power system and related equipment 

At Samarth safety, we differ in terms of quality and assurance from our competitors, this allows us to be more responsive to change. It also allows us to provide personalized and superior services to you. We follow the necessary and relevant guidelines in order to guarantee that we always meet the highest industry standards. 

Our structured Short circuit analysis is performed so that existing and new equipment ratings are sufficient to withstand the available short circuit current. This short circuit analysis can be done either through hand calculations or through known best in class software. 

Using the most efficient software, we can perform short circuit studies on electrical systems in a quick time and effective manner in the following manner:

  • Data Collection and Preparation
  • Short circuit calculations 
  • Relay Coordination Studies 
  • Load flow Analysis